Reference: NIH National Heart Blood and Lung Institute.

Will I need to wear Oxygen all of the time?

Can I still travel with Oxygen?

How long will I have to wear Oxygen?

HomeFill units allow you to fill our own tanks and allow you the freedom to maintain your active lifestyle.  Our expert technicians will evaluate your current needs and situation do determine if a HomeFill system is right for you.

Gas oxygen and liquid oxygen are types of oxygen that are available for home delivery.  Liquid oxygen is more highly concentrated so more oxygen can fit in a smaller tank.  This is helpful for people who are active, but it will evaporate if it is not used in a timely manner.  Both types of oxygen do require a prescription.  Discuss with your healthcare provider to determine the best option for you.


Concentrators and Portable Oxygen


Helpful Tips

Portable Oxygen tanks are FAA approved.

Oxygen is highly flammable.  Do not smoke in the presence of any Oxygen.

If oxygen is not working properly, first check to tubing to ensure there are no kinks in the line.  Put the  cannula prongs in a glass of water.  If you see bubbles, oxygen is coming out.

Oxygen concentrators are intended for use inside the home.  They provide oxygen therapy patients with a quiet, durable, and reliable source of medical oxygen in the comfort of your own home.  Concentrators are fully powered by an electrical wall outlet.

Portable concentrators are intended for more active patients.  Portable oxygen concentrators are an all in one solutions for mobile and home oxygen patients.





Types of Oxygen

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